Let an Iiyama be your Laurel AND Hardy...

20/11/2015 by Hannah Lugsden

Now you can get the most out of a monitor more than ever.

With technology ever-changing, you can now use what was your standard computer monitor for so much more.

Many now use their monitors as televisions, and why not? HDMI is an input option on the vast majority of Iiyama monitors and with the top notch IPS panels; your viewing angles are much improved as well as the colour range. 

Then you have the Gamers! To them, response time is everything and now Iiyama have a designated range to cater for those who spend hours and hours studying Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. The G (for gaming) models offer a competitive edge boasting smooth graphics and a greater viewing performance in shadowed areas. See the Gaming Monitors website which has chosen the 4k iiyama G-Master Gold Pheonix as one of their monitors of the year.

For the working environment, Iiyama have a CCTV monitor as well as several models designed for schools, conference rooms and even kiosks. What used to be a mundane office display can now act as a multitasker, and with the Iiyama range doubling in size over recent years, you really are spoilt for choice.  Plus all Iiyama’s are compatible with Apple Macs.

The touch screen is a growing product, with sizes from 15” right up to the new 70”. Some models have up to 10 compatible touch points, some come frameless or with a glass coated front. Depending on the environment, we can help you chose which Iiyama screen will suit your needs best.

There are several types of touch technology, Surface Acoustic Wave, Resistive and Projective capacitive to name a few. It can be daunting to a novice, but i would encourage people to liken it to a car. You can run different cars via different means; Petrol, Diesel, Electricity, etc. and the touch functionality is similar in terms of horses for courses.

At Continental, we deal solely with Iiyama monitors and have done so for many years. We get fantastic feedback from people who refuse to buy anything but Iiyama because not only do they deliver on quality; they are so competitive in when it comes to price.

As an authorised partner, for larger projects, Iiyama can give us supported pricing which means we can offer the best deal possible for your display needs. Choosing a screen need not be a stressful decision, and with so many uses, chances are you can’t go wrong with an Iiyama. 


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