How do I fit and use my iiyama monitor stand?

New height adjustable stand for desktops by iiyama is more ergonomic, helping improve posture during work. With a minimalistic design, it helps users maintain a neat and clean workspace while also reducing the carbon footprint during distribution.

iiyama introduces two new and upgraded height adjustable stands for their desktop range. The stands are configured to be more ergonomic, allowing users to maintain better posture when working for long hours. The height of the new stands can be lifted to 150mm now, which is 20mm more than the older stands. It also features a 90° pivot function allowing the screen to rotate from landscape to portrait orientation. This functionality can be useful for applications like document editing or portrait photo editing which requires more height than width. Besides this, the stand also allows the tilt and swivel functions.

Other than all the ergonomic benefits for the end user, the design is also neater and more minimalistic with a flat stand at the bottom where the user can place their keyboard or a pen stand, allowing for more desk space. The stand already comes with the base of the stand attached to its neck with a fitted-in screw. This not only makes it extremely easy for the user to assemble the screen but reduces the number of separately packaged parts - reducing the number of plastic bags used for the packaging.

The slim design and reduced number of parts make it possible to fit the stand along with the screen into a smaller box. The smaller, new packaging of the product takes about 20-35% less space compared to the older box. This means more boxes can be fitted within one container reducing the CO2 footprint during logistics. The relatively light weight compared to the older boxes also reduces transport costs.

In the manual of the appropriate model, the installation of the stand is described and explained with pictures.

The manual is always available as a download on